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Manning Wardle Class K 0-6-0ST Ringing Rock (a long way from home) standing
in the loco spur on
Lofthouse, one of the Society's Gauge 0 layouts.

This website was last updated on 11 February 2019

We would like to welcome New Members

We are looking for new members. If, after reading this website and looking at the photos and plans of our layouts, you think you might like to join us, here's what to do. First contact the club secretary, Trevor Shaw (Tel 01943 831935, email ). He'll tell you how to find our clubroom. You'll be made welcome and you'll be allowed to attend several Monday night meetings at no charge so you can get to know us and we can get to know you. After this time you will be asked to decide whether or not you wish to join the club.

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The Skipton & District Railway Society was founded in 1968 by a group of people interested in prototype railways and in modelling them. More than forty years later, we still have one founder member - Geoff Holmes. 

Nowadays, although the interest in prototype railways remains and the Society takes part in many prototype-related activities, the main interests of Society members are the construction of model railways and exhibiting the results of our work. 

The Society meets between 19:30h and 22:00h every Monday. Anyone wishing to visit the Society's clubrooms should contact the Secretary for instructions (contact details below).

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Society Profile

In addition to layout building on Monday evenings throughout the year, and the organisation of the Society's Annual Exhibition in August, there is a monthly programme of events during the winter. In summer, outings are arranged on an ad hoc basis, often taking advantage of externally organised steam specials but sometimes informal visits to sites of railway interest. The winter programme usually runs approximately as follows:

October, invited speaker/slide show on a topic of interest to members;
November, invited speaker/slide show;
December, Railbrain Competition and mince pies;
January, invited speaker/slide show/Gauge 0 Guild slide show or video;
February, invited speaker/slide show/Gauge 0 Guild slide show or video;
March, Annual General Meeting;
April, Biennial Model and Photo Competitions, judges invited to speak on a subject of their choice; in alternate years some other event of interest to members will be arranged.

During the winter, we also have occasional demonstration evenings, when members who have particular modelling skills will give demonstrations of their techniques and hands-on tutoring to anyone interested. The demonstrations often provoke lively discussion because, of course, no two modellers do things in exactly the same way.

Despite the above, our main interest is building and exhibiting model railways. We usually spend most of our club nights on building exhibition layouts and only have running nights if they are rehearsals for exhibitions.

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At present, the Society owns five layouts.  

Lofthouse, 7mm O gauge F/S, Nidd Valley Light Railway, 1920s, 46ft x 3ft (13.8 x 0.9m), exhibitable now.
Dolores, Sn3 (3/16in:ft, 3ft gauge), 28ft 2in x 3ft (8.57 x 0.92m) Rio Grande Southern, 1950s. Dolores has recently been "re-modelled" and some scenic features have been refurbished.
Wards End, 7mm O gauge F/S, LNER/LMS, 1930s, small town-centre station and colliery feeder exchange sidings, 1950s, layout is being rebuilt.
Croglam Castle, 4mm 00 gauge, medium-sized country through station, era yet to be decided, 16ft x 8ft6in (4.8 x 2.55m), will make its debut at our 2016 Exhibition. 
Cowling Top, a recently acquired 0-gauge finescale layout, exhibitable now.

The Skipton Society also hosts an EM group. Members of this group are also members of the Society but they finance their own layouts, rather than drawing on Society funds.

Whiteadder Junction, (Skipton Group EMGS), 4mm EM, Junction of ex-NER and ex-NBR cross country routes in the Scottish borders, 1930s, 34ft x 2ft 6in (10.37 x 0.76m), exhibitable now.

In addition, there are three privately owned members' layouts available for exhibition:

Bolton Priory, (Geoff Holmes), 7mm O, LNER 1937, 18ft x 3ft (5.49 x 0.92m);
Cuddy's Yard, (Alex Dewar), 4mm EM, LNER 1930s, 4ft x 1ft (1.22 x 0.31m);
Hubberholme, (David Seymour), 7mm O, further details pending.

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Annual Exhibition

This is the most important event in the Society's calendar. This year the Exhibition takes place at Skipton Academy, Gargrave Road, Skipton BD23 1UQ on the Saturday and Sunday 11 and 12 August. Opening times are Saturday,10:00 to 17:00; Sunday 10:00 to 16:00.

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In 2003 the Society moved to new clubrooms, which have been extensively refurbished by members. We now have a large L-shaped layout room which can accommodate three club layouts and still leave room for work-tables etc. In addition there is a library/meeting room with facilities for slide projection, video and DVD viewing, a kitchen, toilets and storage space.

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The Society has an extensive library of books and magazines, video tapes and DVDs, all available for loan to members. The subject matter covers railways and modelling. 

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Skipton Rails

Skipton Rails is the Society's quarterly illustrated magazine. Bob Hordern, the Editor, pesters members for articles, which may cover any aspect of railways or the modelling of railways, or indeed, any other subject that the Editor considers will be of interest to members. 

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Society Structure

The Society structure is governed by its Rules and Constitution. These stipulate a Managing Committee of seven, each Committee member being elected for a period of one year at an Annual General Meeting. Managing Committee members may be re-elected indefinitely. All members of the Society are automatically placed on the list of candidates for election to the Committee unless they opt out. Each Society member present at the Annual General Meeting has seven votes - one for each Committee position. In this way we hope to keep the management of the Society as open and accountable as possible. Following the election, the Managing Committee then elects the Officers from amongst their number. Present Officers are:

Chairman: Nick Field
Secretary: Trevor Shaw
Treasurer: Alex Dewar.

Committee Members:

 Geoff Holmes, Bob Hordern, Norman Pedley, David Seymour.

The Exhibition Committee is appointed by the Managing Committee. Present members are:

David Seymour, Alex Dewar.

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Our Logo

20F was the code for Skipton Loco Depot in steam days and we have adopted a 20F shedplate as our logo.

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Contact Information

Enquiries about Society-owned layouts, Group layouts and all other correspondence on Society or Group matters should be addressed to the Secretary:

Trevor Shaw
24 Nursery Lane
LS29 0TN

01943 831935 or 07979 033734
Electronic mail

Note: The above email address is an image and cannot be used as a link.

Enquiries about Members' layouts should be addressed directly to the owner of the layout. Contact details are given on the Members' Layouts page.

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